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Marriage is the most important occasion for any person where the person interested in organizing this even at the highest levels and without mistakes. In Monasbati we are dealing with the best companies that offers for you this services according to your needs easily and flexibly.

Newborn Receptions

The newborn receptions is considered one of the most important occasions at all. We provde hospitality services through the best companies specialized in this activity in term of Hosting, Coffee, Tea, Juices, food and best service.


No need to worry, In Monasbati we can provide you with the best offers for Birthdays and best services for this Occasion.

Special Occasions

Design your Occasion in your own way by choosing the services that you need according to your needs which are Considered as daily Occasions.


The best Mobile app for organizing your occasions

Monasbati App is one of the best mobile apps that offers occasions service for the customers like wedding services , baby receptions services , special parties services & Birthdays services. We are one of the best companies in Kuwait and it’s a pleasure for us to offer our services to our clients and to make the clients feel comfortable and providing them by many choices to make the decision easier to them. We are dealing with a professional suppliers.

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